We Care International

We Care International is an NGO dedicated to improving the lives of critically ill children from age 6 to 12, most of whom have acute birth deformities. The organization is formed by members who have a deep passion to give back to society, and to make children as comfortable as possible by supporting their care in India. This enthusiasm is evident in the work they conduct. We Care International's major goal is to give medical assistance to individuals who are underprivileged and unable to pay expensive medical treatment. The organization has collaborated with Sai Dham Cancer Hospital and Dr. Mane Cancer Research Foundation to host Cancer Detection Camps in Rural India, where all residents of the relevant village are medically examined to discover cancer outbreaks (if any) in their bodies as early as possible. With the assistance of Sai Dham Cancer Hospital, We Care International has already done 30 free procedures for needy patients. They established an aim of assisting around 60 low-income cancer patients in having free surgery by the end of the year. We Care International plans to continue its efforts in giving medical support and treatment to individuals in need in the future. The charity intends to grow its services and reach out to more people who need medical care but cannot afford it. They also intend to work with more medical institutions and organizations to improve medical assistance and treatment. Overall, We Care International has started out on a mission to make a difference in the lives of the impoverished by providing them with the essential medical assistance and provision.